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Superior Ruby E-newsletter – Subject 422, Jun 20, 2024

Todo MVC Ruby Version is the one Todo MVC To Rule Them All!!!

Todo MVC is a well-liked pattern that’s inbuilt all Net Frontend Frameworks to supply a complete instance overlaying all primary Frontend options. As such, it offers Software program Engineers with an excellent concept of how day-to-day Frontend Growth can be with each Frontend Framework, whether or not in JavaScript (e.g. React or Vue) or in a Compile-to-JS language (e.g. Elm or Scala). I’m pleased to announce that Todo MVC has simply been constructed utilizing Glimmer DSL for Net with 100% Frontend Ruby code!

Measuring Ruby Rubbish Collector

The Rubbish Collector releases reminiscence slots from unused objects. Nevertheless, it interrupts the Ruby execution and would possibly considerably improve requests’ response time. Would you prefer to know the way the GC slows down your app?



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