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What Is tr? – POFTUT

tr is a well-liked time period utilized in computing domains. On this tutorial, we are going to present the tr time period use circumstances in several programming languages, working programs, domains, and so forth. On this tutorial we are going to take the tr time period technical meanings and utilization.

HTML <tr> Tag

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language gives quite a lot of tags with a purpose to create HTML doc or net pages. <tr> is a tag used to create rows in a desk. The <tr> tag is used contained in the <desk> tags as a baby tag. The <tr> tag is the quick type of the Desk Row .

Under you may see an instance instance the HTML tr tag. The tr tag is used to crate new row or strains for a desk. Each new line needs to be created by utilizing the tr tag.

    <td>Ahmet Ali</td>

Linux tr Command

Linux gives the tr command which is used to translated characters inside a doc. The tr command principally used to translate backspace, type feed, newline, carriage return, tab characters in paperwork.

For instance following tr command can be utilized to transform the file named “mylinux.txt” content material into uppercase.

cat mylinux.txt | tr [:lower:] [:upper:]
Linux tr Command

.tr Area Suffix

Web include domains which are used to supply completely different sources to web customers. Domains are used to supply net pages, companies, and so forth. Domains are created underneath the nations area suffix for various nations. .tr is the area suffix for Turkey and this suffix is managed by Turkey area authorities.



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