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Restart Mac From Command Line

Restarting and shutting down a pc remotely is a frequent activity for distant system directors. As somebody that writes many shell scripts, I additionally discover myself automating system restarts. Let us take a look at just a few methods to restart Mac techniques from command line!

Restart a Native Mac

To restart a neighborhood Mac system from command line, you may execute:

sudo shutdown -r now

Restart a Distant Mac

To restart a distant Mac system, you may execute:

ssh -l {AdminSystemAddress}
sudo shutdown -r now

Restart at a Particular Time

You may specify a restart at a particular time:

# Format:  sudo shutdown -r hhmm
# Restart at 11:30pm native time
sudo shutdown -r 2330

System restarts are good after huge updates or simply for clearing out system sources. These command line examples ought to assist restart a Mac regionally or remotely.

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