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A Week of Symfony #847 (20-26 March 2023) (Symfony Weblog)

This week, the upcoming Symfony 6.3 model continued including new options: the Messenger part added Clock help in staff and launched a option to redispatch a message, the interpretation part improved efficiency of message extraction and the brand new Scheduler part added help for date intervals and intervals and launched a debug:scheduler command.

Symfony growth highlights

This week, 78 pull requests had been merged (39 in code and 39 in docs) and 36 points had been closed (15 in code and 21 in docs). Excluding merges, 42 authors made contributions. See particulars for code and docs.

5.4 changelog:

  • c42e033: [HttpFoundation] use separate caches for IpUtils checkIp4 and checkIp6
  • 5eb54cf: [HttpClient] add trace about timeout and max_duration choices
  • b9348f8: [Notifier] add bridge documentation
  • 0550259: [VarDumper] disable hyperlinks for IntelliJ platform
  • 618f920: [FrameworkBundle] enhance documentation about translation:extract –sort choice

6.2 changelog:

  • 2c980d7: [Notifier] replace documentation for telegram bridge notifier

6.3 changelog:

  • 7188432: [Messenger] add Clock help in Employee
  • cdb18ad: [DependencyInjection] add help for #[Autowire(lazy: true)]
  • b885d0d: [Webhook] add readonly modifier the place this potential
  • 8b8045b: [Scheduler] add DateIntervalTrigger and DatePeriodTrigger
  • 36ae25d: [RemoteEvent] add readonly modifier the place this potential
  • d7abade: [Security] add argument $exceptionCode to #[IsGranted]
  • a08ccfc: [Messenger] add a option to redispatch a message
  • 1f43acb: [FrameworkBundle] make StopWorkerOnSignalsListener configurable by way of messenger’s config
  • 10b0b1c: [ErrorHandler] rewrite logic to dump exception properties and repair serializing FlattenException
  • 78a7c5b: [CssSelector] add help for :scope
  • 38b5992: [HttpFoundation] add IpUtils::isPrivateIp
  • 6989910: [Scheduler] repair PHPUnit deprecation on summary check instances naming
  • c2090d3: [Scheduler] make some properties readonly
  • 2e31041: [Translation] enhance message extraction efficiency for large code bases
  • 26f209d: [Console] use file system completion for redirect operators
  • 1cea7c6: enhance safety manufacturing facility signatures
  • 2e2eaad: [Mailer] replace default Mailgun port
  • b01130d: [FrameworkBundle] add help to simply clear all cache swimming pools
  • 50fbe01, 5e6ea11: add debug:scheduler command

Latest points and pull requests

Symfony CLI

Symfony CLI is a must have software when creating
Symfony functions in your native machine. It contains the
Symfony Native Server,
one of the best ways to run native Symfony functions. This week Symfony CLI launched
its new 5.5.2
model with the next modifications:

  • Repair inconsistent error message in guide necessities examine (@tucksaun)
  • Bump deps (@fabpot)
  • Add COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 when working Composer (@tucksaun)

SymfonyCasts Updates

SymfonyCasts is the official option to be taught Symfony.
Choose a monitor for a guided path by 100+ video tutorial programs about
Symfony, PHP and JavaScript.

These had been a number of the most related SymfonyCasts updates
of the week:

They talked about us

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