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1.21.0 makes use of many go construct folders making it inconceivable to exclude from antivirus – Getting Assist

Ever since I put in go 1.21.0 I haven’t been ready to make use of it as a result of my antivirus blocks it. I do know learn how to exclude it however all of the go construct folders are random and there are lots of of it making it inconceivable to exclude all of them. I might exclude the mother or father folder however the folder isn’t only for go so I nonetheless must scan infrequently. Is there a option to configure go-build to solely compile in a sure go-build folder
command-line-arguments: open C:Usersuser_nameAppDataLocalTempgo-build3741852486b001exea.out.exe: Entry is denied
Every time the go construct folder modifications.

You might need higher luck contacting help to your antivirus program since that is extra about that and doubtlessly much less about Go particularly.

I imply – you may have a folder like “c:buildartifacts” or one thing the place you inform your AV program to disregard it. Then you may use go construct -o c:buildartifactsmyprogram.exe. Although I’m not 100% positive if that fixes your downside or if I’m understanding you appropriately.

Use GOCACHE in your enviroment
Then exclude C:Go_workspacego-build from antivirus



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