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What’s String args[] Argument in Java Principal technique? Instance

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What’s String args is used for or Why we use String arg[] in the primary technique
is a typical doubt amongst Java rookies. The very first thing newbies are uncovered to whereas
studying Java programming language is writing
HelloWorldprogram in Java, Although HelloWorld is the smallest kind of program, it incorporates a variety of helpful info and idea for
newbies Java programmers, considered one of them is the primary technique and its completely different
attributes. Although I lined a little bit of
String args[] whereas discussing
most important is public static in Java
, I assumed to write down this text to elucidate
String args array in additional element. Let’s have a look at a easy Java HelloWorld once more to
perceive extra about String args in Java.

public class HelloJava{
        public static void most important(String args[]){
           System.out.println("Helloworld in Java");

What is String args in Java main methodString args[], which is definitely an array
java.lang.String kind, and it is identify is args right here. It is
not obligatory to call it
args at all times, you’ll be able to identify it strArray or
no matter you want, however most programmer desire to call it
args, as a result of
that is what everybody else do. 
After we run
a Java program from command immediate
, we will cross some enter to our Java
program. These inputs are saved on this String args array. For instance if we
modify our program to print content material of
String args[], as proven

public class StringArgsTest {

    public static void most important(String args[]) {

        System.out.println("String arguments handed whereas working this Java Program : ");
        for(String argument : args){

and after compiling, we run this Java program as  java StringArgsTest Java J2EE
, then this program will print the next output :

String arguments handed whereas working this Java
Program :




as a result of we’ve got handed three arguments separated by white area. In case you
need to mix a number of phrases, which has some white area in between, then you definitely
can enclose them in double quotes. If we run our program once more with following
command :

java StringArgsTest “This
is one argument” “That is one other argument”

it would print:

String arguments handed whereas working this Java
Program :

That is one argument

That is one other argument

By the best way, if you’re utilizing Eclipse to run Java Program, then you’ll be able to
present String argument to your Java program utilizing
Once you run Java program, by proper click on on Java
with most important
, it creates a Run Argument for that class. 

You possibly can entry them as Proper
click–>Run As–>Run Configuration
. In second tab, you’ll be able to see two
part Program Arguments and VM Arguments. You possibly can cross all of your String
arguments from this program arguments part. As proven on this picture

By the best way, you’ll be able to write your String args[] as String[]
as nicely, as a result of each are legitimate method to declare String
array in Java
. One other fascinating factor to notice is that, from Java 5
onwards, you’ll be able to varargs
or variable arguments
in most important technique as an alternative of

This implies following declaration of most important technique can be legitimate : public
static void most important(String… args)
, and you’ll entry this variable argument as
regular array in Java. E.g. if we use this syntax of most important, in your earlier
program we need not change the rest, it might work, similar to it’s
working now.



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