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The way to create a hidden file in Java- Instance Tutorial

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Within the final article, we noticed how one can test hidden information in Java and now we are going to see how one can cover information in Java or make hidden information in Java. As we mentioned File API in Java doesn’t present any methodology to make a file hidden in Java however nonetheless you possibly can apply some fast methods to cover information from Java program. Like in a Unix atmosphere any file whose names start with a dot (.) is hidden so you possibly can title your file beginning with a dot (.)  and your File will likely be hidden in Linux or Unix Setting.

On Home windows, that you must straight execute the DOS command as acknowledged in
how one can execute shell instructions from Java by utilizing Runtime.getRuntime.exec(“command”) to make the file hidden in Home windows. Right here is an instance of creating information hidden in Home windows utilizing Java Program.

Runtime.getRuntime().exec(“attrib +H”);

And, If you’re new to the Java world then I additionally suggest you undergo these on-line Java programming programs to study Java in a greater and extra structured means. This is among the finest and up-to-date programs to study Java on-line.

Utilizing Runtime.exec()

How to create a hidden file in Java- Example Tutorial

Utilizing New File IO

How to hide a file in Java

The way to make a File hidden from Java Program

The way to Conceal a File in Java with Instance

how to hide file in java program with exampleRight here is  full code instance you should use to make a File hidden from Java with out utilizing JDK7, the drawback of this method is that you’re invoking shell command straight from Java code which makes it platform-dependent and goes towards java major benefit of write as soon as and skim wherever:

void setHiddenProperty(File file) throws InterruptedException, IOException {
    Course of p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(“attrib +H ” + file.getPath());

right here name to p.waitFor() is elective however calling waitFor() ensures that file will seem hidden as quickly as perform exit.

Now we are going to see code instance to cover a file in Java7 utilizing new java.nio.file bundle and new lessons like “Path” which encapsulate file path in varied working programs and can be utilized to function on information, directories, and different forms of information in Java.

Code Instance of creating a file hidden in JDK7

Here’s a full code instance of hiding a File in home windows from Java7 new options.

Path path = FileSystems.getDefault().getPath(“listing”, “hidden.txt”);
Boolean hidden = path.getAttribute(“dos:hidden”, LinkOption.NOFOLLOW_LINKS);
if (hidden != null && !hidden) {
    path.setAttribute(“dos:hidden”, Boolean.TRUE, LinkOption.NOFOLLOW_LINKS);

That’s all on how one can cover information in Java by utilizing both Runtime.exec() or new java.nio.file bundle launched in JDK7. let me know if you realize some other means of creating a file hidden from the Java program and we are able to embrace that instance right here.

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