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Take away the empty house if the values is null within the td cell?

Easy methods to loop by means of given array utilizing php and show in desk?

Please examine the above hyperlink for reference, I’ve created desk however the challenge is empty values are taking house. Is there an answer to take away the empty house ?

1 2 3 4 5 6
Array2 first merchandise Array3 first merchandise Array4 first merchandise Array5 first merchandise Array6 first merchandise
Array1 second merchandise Array2 second merchandise Array4 second merchandise Array5 second merchandise Array6 second merchandise
Array3 Third merchandise Array6 Third merchandise
Array1 Fourth merchandise Array2 Fourth merchandise Array3 Fourth merchandise Array4 Fourth merchandise Array5 Fourth merchandise Array6 Fourth merchandise
Array1 Fifth merchandise Array2 Fifth merchandise Array4 Fifth merchandise Array5 Fifth merchandise Array6 Fifth merchandise
Array1 Sixth merchandise Array2 Sixth merchandise Array3 Sixth merchandise Array4 Sixth merchandise Array5 Sixth merchandise Array6 Sixth merchandise
Array1 Seventh merchandise Array2 Seventh merchandise Array3 Seventh merchandise Array4 Seventh merchandise Array5 Seventh merchandise Array6 Seventh merchandise
Array1 Eighth merchandise Array2 Eighth merchandise Array3 Eighth merchandise Array4 Eighth merchandise Array5 Eighth merchandise Array6 Eighth merchandise
1 2 3 4 5 6
Array1 ninth merchandise Array2 ninth merchandise Array3 ninth merchandise Array4 ninth merchandise Array5 ninth merchandise Array6 ninth merchandise
Array1 tenth merchandise Array3 tenth merchandise Array4 tenth merchandise Array5 tenth merchandise Array6 tenth merchandise
Array1 eleventh merchandise Array2 eleventh merchandise Array3 eleventh merchandise Array4 eleventh merchandise Array5 eleventh merchandise Array6 eleventh merchandise
Array1 twelfth merchandise Array2 twelfth merchandise Array3 twelfth merchandise Array4 twelfth merchandise Array5 twelfth merchandise Array6 twelfth merchandise
Array1 thirteenth merchandise Array2 thirteenth merchandise Array4 thirteenth merchandise Array5 thirteenth merchandise Array6 thirteenth merchandise
Array1 14th merchandise Array3 14th merchandise Array4 14th merchandise Array5 14th merchandise
Array1 fifteenth merchandise Array3 fifteenth merchandise Array4 fifteenth merchandise Array5 fifteenth merchandise Array6 fifteenth merchandise
Array1 sixteenth merchandise Array2 sixteenth merchandise Array3 sixteenth merchandise Array5 sixteenth merchandise Array6 sixteenth merchandise


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