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Simple URL Question String Manipulation Plugin – jQuery querystring.js

Question strings (also called URL question parameters) are utilized in a number of locations all through web sites and internet purposes. They permit including additional info to the tip of a URL(request), and can be utilized for a lot of various things, resembling passing state between requests inside your utility and even for person identification.

On this article I will introduce you to a tiny jQuery plugin that you should use to simply dynamically add/modify/delete/get question strings utilizing plain JavaScript. It helps commonplace question strings, non-standard slash question strings, and hash strings.

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Learn how to use it:

1. To get began, embrace the jquery.querystring.min.js script after jQuery library.

<script src="/path/to/cdn/jquery.slim.min.js"></script>
<script src="/path/to/cdn/jquery.querystring.min.js"></script>

2. Create a brand new occasion of the queryString

// primary
var occasion = new $.queryString();

// OR
var occasion = new $.queryString('jqueryscript');
=> /path/to/jqueryscript?key=worth

// OR
var occasion = $.queryString("https://www.jqueryscript.internet");
=> https://www.jqueryscript.internet/?key=worth

3. Set question/hash string parameters.

// set commonplace parameters
occasion.params.howdy = "world";
occasion.params["dashed-key"] = "dashed-value";
occasion.params["encoded-key"] = "worth)";

// set hash values
occasion.hash.web page = 1;
occasion.hash.row = 42;

4. Get all question/hash string parameters.

// get commonplace parameters
var worth = occasion.params[key];, worth);

// get hash values
var worth = occasion.hash[key];, worth);

5. Delete all question/hash string parameters.

// delete commonplace parameters
delete occasion.params.key;

// delete hash values
delete occasion.hash.key;

6. Obtainable choices.

var occasion = new $.queryString(url, {

    // encode question string
    encode: true,

    // commonplace, slash
    format: "commonplace", 

    // callback
    encodeCallback: encode,

This superior jQuery plugin is developed by godlikemouse. For extra Superior Usages, please verify the demo web page or go to the official web site.



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