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Pi Zero Cross Compilation Floating Level Specification – Getting Assist

Good day, I’m attempting to cross compile a go venture (syzkaller) to focus on a Pi Zero so it might emulate usb units. The issue is that I’ve been unable to search out info concerning learn how to specify the right floating level flag to make sure compatibility with the Pi Zero. All the things I’ve tried leads to the VMOV meeting instruction being within the binary file and throwing an unlawful instruction. My host machine is x86_64 working go1.21.4 and the pi zero is arm6l working go1.21.4. When cross compiling I’m utilizing GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm GOARM=5. The makefile I’m utilizing will be discovered right here syzkaller/Makefile at grasp · google/syzkaller · GitHub (I’m compiling the execprog binary). From my analysis the GOARM=5 needs to be forcing software program floating level operations, however the info sources are very outdated. I additionally might be utilizing the flag incorrectly since I’m not very accustomed to GO. Under is a screenshot of the precise compilation arguments for the binary. Any recommendation is appreciated, thanks.



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