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JavaScript Weekly Issue 605: September 9, 2022

Ryan Dahl Asks Oracle to Release the ‘JavaScript’ Trademark — It’s in our small print, but did you know Oracle owns the ‘JavaScript’ trademark? This is why the standard is called ECMAScript instead. It’s all down to Netscape’s deal with Sun Microsystems, which Oracle later acquired, and is infamously poorly defended (Brendan Eich suggested many years ago that he’s not sure it could be defended.) So if you’ve got Larry Ellison’s phone number, see if he’ll do us all a solid 🙏

Ryan Dahl



📒 Articles & Tutorials

Porting Tests from Cypress to Playwright with AI — If switching libraries for your integration tests sounds boring but necessary, maybe AI could take away some of the strain? Gajus gave it a go with moderate success – a fun story.

Gajus Kuizinas

📆  Unblock – A CI/CD Conference by Buildkite — A 2-day virtual conference featuring industry experts using cutting edge processes and tools to define the future of how we deliver software. Registration and CFP now open.


▶  Creating F1 Style Graphics with Remotion — Fans of Formula 1 may remember the stinger transition from the 2021 season. The author of Remotion—a library that can generate video from code—walks through its recreation in what can only be described as record lap time.

Jonny Berger

El: A Tiny Web Component-Based UI Framework — The very definition of short and sweet. You get a lot in 150 lines, including a built-in observable store and reactive templates with one-way binding. Think a very lightweight React/Vue mixed with Lit. Here’s a one file example of creating a todo-list app on top of it.


📪  ZIPMonster: US ZIP Code Data and Functions — Brings the US postal code system all into one library which lets you do all manner of queries, including navigating across the entire US, if you wish.

Igor M.


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