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JavaScript Weekly Issue 601: August 5, 2022

JS1024 2022 Competition Winners — JS1024 is a ‘code golfing’ contest where you get 15 days to create a JavaScript or GLSL program within 1024 bytes. This results in lots of creative ideas, complete with fantastic (non-minified) source to check out. The winning JS entry is this quirky typing game and the winning shader-based entry is a 3D tunnel experience. There’s much to learn here as these folks have used every trick in the book, including compressing 1900+ English words in a heavily commented entry that uses Brotli and a specially crafted WOFF2 font file(!)


Docusaurus 2.0 Released — Docusaurus powered sites are everywhere in the JS space (e.g. the Babel docs) and after four years of effort, version 2.0 of the popular React-powered documentation-focused static site generator is here. Rebuilt from scratch, it adds MDX support, a new plugin system, theming, dark mode, SPA navigation, offline support, and more.

Meta (Facebook)

Announcing EdgeDB 2.0 — Try the database that makes ORMs obsolete. EdgeDB’s TypeScript client has the simplicity of an ORM but the power of a full-fledged query language. And with the release of EdgeDB 2.0 it’s better than ever—read the announcement for details.




Parcel 2.7
Ember 4.6
Ionic 6.2 – Cross-platform app building toolkit.
Redwood 2.2 – React-backed full-stack framework.
Cypress 10.4 – Popular testing approach for anything browser-based.
Ohm 16.4 – Parser / interpreter building toolkit.

📒 Articles & Tutorials

Checking if Native JavaScript Functions are ‘Monkey Patched’ — Along with JavaScript’s dynamism comes the potential for functions to be overridden (or ‘monkey patched’, as some people call the idea of runtime modifications) but there are (imperfect) ways to see if this has occurred.

Matteo Mazzarolo

From 500ms to 1.7ms in React — A sluggish customized grid triggered a journey to analyze some bottlenecks, followed by some tweaks resulting in a dramatic perf improvement.

Oren Farhi

ts-version: Access the Current TypeScript Version from Types — The creator puts it best: “Frustrated how TS versions handle your package slightly differently, but don’t want to ship a full copy of your types with TypesVersions? Now you can adjust your types depending on the TS version!”

Lenz Weber-Tronic


React Native Boilerplate 3.5 – A starter template for RN apps.
Stripe Node 10.0 – Node.js library for Stripe’s API.
Electron Store 8.1 – Simple data persistence for Electron apps.
Meriyah 4.3 – Compliant, self-hosted JS parser. (Demo)
React Spreadsheet Grid 2.3 – Excel-like grid component for React.
Inferno 8.0.2 – Fast, React-like library.
∿ Peaks.js 2.0.3 – BBC’s audio waveform UI component.

Find JavaScript Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.


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