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esbuild for Rails | Drifting Ruby

For the reason that time of recording, the esbuild-rails library has been archived in favor for jsbundling-rails which mixes esbuild, rollupjs and webpacker right into a single library. You need to be capable to use this as a substitute with the brand new syntax discovered at
bin/rails javascript:set up:esbuild
bin/rails javascript:set up:rollup
bin/rails javascript:set up:webpack

Along with the jsbundling, we additionally now have cssbundling-rails which is able to convey within the obligatory parts to deal with our property. With this alteration, forman has been launched and can let you begin your rails software, the yarn look ahead to css and the yarn look ahead to javascript with 

What this implies so far as this episode content material goes, is that I’d not embody the node_modules within the property, however fairly simply import bootstrap into my stylesheets.
# app/property/stylesheets/software.scss
@import 'bootstrap/scss/bootstrap';

With the addition of this gem, we’re given a couple of extra choices within the mills.
rails css:set up:[tailwind|bootstrap|postcss|sass]


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