When you a obtain a System.UnauthorizedAccessException with a message Entry to the trail ‘D:homesitewwwroothost.json’ is denied, then it possible means you might have a community configuration which is obstructing entry to the Azure Storage Account on which your Azure Perform is hosted.  Carry out the next to examine and see if this might be the case.

Take a look at this text which is useful with validation your Azure Perform configuration settings.   Validating Azure Perform Software Setting Configuration, fail to set off

First, determine the Azure Storage Account you might be utilizing along with your Azure Perform.


Determine 1, what’s the storage account related to my Azure Perform

The worth assigned to the AccountName parameter is the Azure Storage Account title.  Navigate to that and open the Networking blade.


Determine 2, VNET blocking the deployment of an Azure Perform

Discover that the Chosen networks radio button is chosen.  Because of this the Azure Storage Account is protected by the VNET.  The truth that you see no community configuration is the primary clue one thing is fallacious.  Really, it’s the solely clue you want as a result of this gained’t work and is a incorrect configuration.  If the Azure Perform is working in a tier which help VNETs, then that Azure Perform must be in the identical VNET because the Azure Storage Account.  The Azure Perform in Determine 1 is in Dynamic / Consumption mode so there is no such thing as a method to make this configuration work as a result of VNET is simply supported in Premium / Elastic or Devoted Customary+.  Due to this fact, both change the pricing tier of the Azure Perform, choose the All networks radio button or change the WEBSITE_CONTENTAZUREFILECONNECTIONSTRING software setting so it references an Azure Storage Account not contained inside a VNET.

In case your Azure Perform is in a tier which helps VNET integration, examine the Networking blade for the Azure Perform.


Determine 3, examine the community VNET integration for an Azure Perform

Be aware of the names and ensure these are the names.  If not, the entry is probably going being blocked.


Determine 4, examine the community VNET integration for an Azure Perform