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Case Insensitive CSS Attribute Selector

CSS selectors by no means stop to amaze me in how highly effective they are often in matching advanced patterns. Most of that flexibility is in father or mother/youngster/sibling relationships, very seldomly in worth matching. Take into account my shock after I discovered that CSS permits matching attribute values regardless off case!

Including a {area}i to the attribute selector brackets will make the attribute worth search case insensitive:

/* case delicate, solely matches "instance" */
[class=example] {
  background: pink;

/* case insensitive, matches "instance", "eXampLe", and so on. */
[class=example i] {
  background: lightblue;

The use instances for this i flag are probably very restricted, particularly if this flag is knew information for you and also you’re used to a typical lower-case customary. A free CSS classname customary may have and would proceed to result in issues, so use this case insensitivity flag sparingly!

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