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C++ getline() Operate (3 Syntax variation examples)

What’s C++ getline() operate?

The getline() operate is:

  • Outlined within the <string.h> header file
  • Is used to take person enter in single in addition to multi-lines.
  • A person can enter single or a number of phrases string
  • The characters are extracted from the enter stream by getline() operate. These characters are appended to the string object till the delimiter character is met. (Syntax part beneath will make it clearer)
  • The cin object can be used to take person enter (as proven in lots of examples of our C++ tutorials), nevertheless, it doesn’t enable a number of strains or phrases – terminates the place whitespace is met.

Syntax for utilizing getline() operate in C++

There are three variations in utilizing the getline() operate.

Syntax 1:

istream& getline( istream& is, string& str, char delim );

Syntax 2:

istream& getline( istream& is, string& str );


  • is: specifies the enter stream i.e. from the place to learn the enter.
  • str: After studying from the stream, the enter is saved on this string object.
  • delim: The getline() operate cease studying additional as this given delimiter is met within the enter string.


You might discover, the one distinction between the above two syntaxes is the third parameter. The primary syntax accommodates char delim because the third parameter.

So, it’s possible you’ll specify a delimiter of your alternative. For instance, dot, comma, and so on.

Within the case of the second syntax, it’s possible you’ll not specify the delimiter, so the default is used because the delimiter.

Getline() operate with character array

There’s one other syntax for utilizing the getline() operate with a personality array:

istream& getline(char* , int dimension);

That is defined with an instance within the final part of this tutorial.

An instance that makes use of getline() operate (two params)

Pattern output:


Within the above program:

  • A string variable is asserted
  • Within the getline() operate, we used two parameters.
  • cin is for console enter
  • The entered title is displayed (attempt a number of phrases)

What if merely used cin fairly getline() instance

In this system beneath, we merely used enter stream cin and displayed the worth of a variable. Enter your full title and you may see the distinction:

Pattern output:


Within the pattern output, you possibly can see I entered the title “Mike Millan”. Nevertheless, this system solely displayed the primary title i.e. Mike. It’s because; C++ compiler terminates it because it finds a whitespace within the string.

That is the place getline() operate performs its function.

An instance of utilizing three parameters in getline() operate

As talked about earlier, it’s possible you’ll specify a delimiter of your alternative within the third parameter of the getline() operate.

On this instance, I used the dot (full-stop) a delimiter character within the getline(). See the code and a pattern output beneath:

Pattern output:

within the output, you possibly can see as we entered three fruit names as enter. As I entered a dot after banana, the string terminated and it solely displayed two fruit names.

Utilizing the comma as a delimiter instance

Equally, it’s possible you’ll use different characters as delimiters within the getline() operate. For instance, a comma, semicolon, a , b, c, house,  and so on.

The next instance makes use of a comma as a delimiter character:

Pattern output:


An instance of utilizing getline() with character array

As talked about within the part above, there’s one other syntax for utilizing the getline() operate with a personality array. i.e.:

istream& getline(char* , int dimension);

The next instance reveals a C++ program utilizing it:


In this system:

  • We declared a personality array for use within the getline() operate
  • Within the getline() implementation (cin.getline(international locations, 50);), the array is specified together with the scale in integer.
  • This dimension parameter acts because the delimiter whereas entered worth can not exceed this restrict.
  • If enter will increase the restrict, the extra characters are terminated.




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