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Synchronize audio and video playback on the net

The outputLatency property of an AudioContext occasion gives an estimate of audio {hardware}’s output latency (for instance, that of Bluetooth earbuds or of an exterior USB audio interface). This property is beneficial whenever you wish to:

  • Synchronize the prevailing audio materials and the newly recorded materials. (in a music manufacturing situation)
  • Synchronize the Internet Audio output and different media (e.g. video or MIDI playback).

On this WebCodecs demo (supply), the WebCodecs API is used to decode a MediaStream into uncooked video and audio knowledge, after which performed again right into a HTML &LTcanvas> aspect with audio knowledge coming from an Audio Worklet. The outputLatency property permits the demo to find out when a given audio timestamp is reaching the consumer’s ears after which correctly paint video frames to match that.

A screenshot of the demo, which is of an embedded video with audio controls for volume, audio buffer health, total output latency, and a checkbox to use AudioContext.outputLatency.

Strive it out for your self, play the video together with your favourite Bluetooth headset (🎧), look ahead to the chicken (🐦) (see above), and toggle the checkbox (☑️) to watch audio playback modifications. The whole output latency worth is up to date in actual time.

AudioContext outputLatency #

Browser assist: chrome 102, Supported 102 firefox 70, Supported 70 edge 102, Supported 102 safari, Not supported × Supply

Hero picture by Wahid Khene on Unsplash.



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