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Revolutionize Your Consumer Expertise with a Customized Dropdown Calendar in .NET MAUI

The Syncfusion .NET MAUI Calendar management offers customers with an intuitive and user-friendly method to choose dates. It permits customers to decide on dates from month, 12 months, decade, and century view interfaces. Whereas it offers an ordinary date choice mechanism, an much more intuitive and visually interesting strategy is usually desired.

So, on this weblog, we’ll discover how you can improve the consumer expertise by making a customized dropdown calendar utilizing our .NET MAUI Calendar management.

Creating a custom dropdown calendar using the Syncfusion .NET MAUI Calendar
Making a customized dropdown calendar utilizing the Syncfusion .NET MAUI Calendar

Be aware: If you’re new to our .NET MAUI Calendar management, please seek advice from its getting began documentation earlier than continuing.

Dropdown calendar: overview

A dropdown calendar is a consumer interface element that mixes date labels with a dropdown UI. It provides a intelligent answer to optimize area whereas offering a extra intuitive and visually interesting date choice expertise.

Inside a compact design, customers can effortlessly navigate and choose dates, making it a wonderful addition to your app’s consumer interface.

Form showing a dropdown calendar
A type displaying a dropdown calendar

Let’s see how you can design this with code examples.

Design the chosen date field

The chosen date field in a dropdown calendar can successfully show the chosen date. When customers choose a date from the dropdown calendar, the field updates to indicate the chosen date prominently. Thoughtfully designing the chosen date field enhances the readability and elevates the dropdown calendar’s total aesthetic.

On this part, we’ll design the chosen date field with a surrounding border and show an extra calendar icon alongside the date. This visible illustration successfully explains the perform of the date field.

Check with the next code instance.

<Grid HorizontalOptions="Middle" HeightRequest="50"  VerticalOptions="Begin">
 <Border x:Identify="dateLabel" Margin="0, 5" VerticalOptions="Begin" Stroke="LightGray" StrokeThickness="1" StrokeShape="RoundRectangle 10, 10, 10, 10">
    <ColumnDefinition Width="*"/>
    <ColumnDefinition Width="Auto"/>
   <Label Textual content="{Binding SelectedDateString}" Margin="10, 0, 5, 0" VerticalOptions="CenterAndExpand"/>
   <Label Grid.Column="1" Textual content="&#x1F5D3" Margin="5, 0" VerticalOptions="CenterAndExpand"/>

Check with the next output picture.

Designing the selected date box
Designing the chosen date field

Integrating calendar into dropdown UI

Let’s combine the .NET MAUI Calendar element right into a dropdown menu. This can permit customers to navigate by means of months horizontally, choose a particular date, and seamlessly shut the calendar after selecting.

We’ll use the SfPopup management to design the dropdown UI. The pop-up might be displayed whereas interacting with the chosen date field. Customizing the pop-up kinds, such because the nook radius, border, border thickness, and background shade, creates a UI that resembles a dropdown.

Designing the dropdown UI
Designing the dropdown UI

On this design, a surrounding border visually separates the calendar element from the chosen date field. This helps distinguish the 2 components and contributes to a extra intuitive consumer expertise.

Check with the next code to design the dropdown UI utilizing the Popup management.

<popup:SfPopup Grid.Row="1" x:Identify="popup" ShowFooter="False" ShowOverlayAlways="False" WidthRequest="310" HeightRequest="370" ShowHeader="False" Padding="5, 10">
  <popup:PopupStyle MessageBackground="White" Stroke="LightGray" StrokeThickness="2" CornerRadius="10" />
   <calendar:SfCalendar x:Identify="calendar" DisplayDate="{Binding DisplayDate, Mode=TwoWay}" SelectedDate="{Binding SelectedDate, Mode=TwoWay}" View="{Binding CurrentView, Mode=TwoWay}" NavigationDirection="Horizontal" SelectionChanged="OnCalendarSelectionChanged" WidthRequest="300" HeightRequest="350" />

Configure the calendar conduct

Whereas opening the dropdown, configuring the show date and calendar view is critical to indicate and choose dates within the dropdown calendar:

  • Setting the show date to the chosen date ensures the calendar opens with the at present chosen month, offering a seamless consumer expertise. This prevents the calendar from displaying a special month than the one chosen and improves the general consumer expertise.
  • Setting the calendar view to the month view for the simplest date choice expertise.

Check with the next code to configure the Calendar whereas opening.

personal void OnTapGestureTapped(object sender, EventArgs e)
     DropdownViewModel bindingContext = (DropdownViewModel)this.BindingContext;
     //// Replace the calendar show date worth based mostly on the at present chosen date worth for displaying the chosen date month.
     bindingContext.DisplayDate = bindingContext.SelectedDate;
     //// Want to indicate month view whereas opening the calendar dropdown.
     bindingContext.CurrentView = CalendarView.Month;
     popup.ShowRelativeToView(dateLabel, PopupRelativePosition.AlignBottom, 0, 5);

GitHub reference

For extra data, seek advice from designing a dropdown calendar utilizing the .NET MAUI Calendar demo.


Thanks for studying! This weblog briefly overviewed designing a dropdown calendar utilizing the Syncfusion .NET MAUI Calendar. With it, you possibly can create visually gorgeous and extremely intuitive consumer interfaces for date choice. Check out the steps and share your suggestions or ask questions within the feedback part.

Obtain the Syncfusion product setup on our License and Downloads web page for those who’re a buyer. In case you’re not, attempt our 30-day free trial and see how our parts can improve your tasks. You can even discover our .NET MAUI demo apps on Google Play and the Microsoft Retailer.

For inquiries, you can even attain us by means of our help discussion boardhelp portal, or suggestions portal. We’re at all times glad to help you!

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