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MCQ on c programming [c language mcq]


Right here you can find C programming
A number of selection questions, These MCQ on C language or very useful for
your take a look at. 1000 + MCQ of C language, these are very assist full for Laptop teacher,
Faculty College students , Laptop and Software program Engineers, in Aggressive exams and
Interviews, these continuously requested questions and most repeated in C programming
examination, We add this publish so that you can observe, we’ll preserve including extra query
associated C programming MCQ, you possibly can Additionally obtain C language MCQ from right here.

Why we must always Observe C language MCQ?

the reply is easy C language is
nonetheless the favored programming language and is favourite matters to check the
data of a candidate on Programming Ideas.

1.     Who developed C languages?

  • Ken Thomson
  • Peter Norton
  • Von Neuman
  • Dennis Ritchie

  • ANSWER= Dennis Ritchie

2.     What number of occasions is printed?

int principal()

return 0;

  • 1 time
  • Compilation Error
  • Infinite occasions
  • Runtime Error

  • ANSWER= Infinite Instances

3.      When C Language was invented?

  • 1970
  • 1973
  • 1972
  • 1990

  • ANSWER= 1972

    when c language was invented
    C language MCQ

4.      All key phrases in C are in?

  • LowerCase letters
  • Higher,Case letters
  • CamelCase letters
  • Not one of the talked about

  • ANSWER= LowerCase letters

5.      Which is legitimate C expression?}

    a) int my_num = 100,000;
    b) int my num = 1000
    c) int my_num = 100000;
    d) int $my_num = 10000;

    ANSWER= c
    Clarification/Reply: House, comma and $ can’t be utilized in a variable identify.

6.      C Packages are transformed into machine language with the assistance of

    a) An Editor
    b) A Compiler
    c) An Working System
    d) Non of those

    ANSWER= Compiler

Learn: Distinction Between Compiler and interpreter and assembler

7.      C language was Primarily Developed AS

    a) System Programming Langauge
    b) Information Processing Language
    c) Normal Function Language
    d) Non of those

    ANSWER= System Programming Language

8.      What’s the which means of under traces?
void sum (int, int);

    a) sum is perform which takes int arguments
    b) it’s going to produce compilation error
    c) sum is a perform which takes two int arguments and returns void
    d) Non of those

    ANSWER= sum is a perform which takes two int arguments and returns void

9.      The idea of two capabilities with identical identify is know as?

    a) Operator Overloading
    b) Perform Overloading
    c) Perform Overriding
    d) Perform renaming

    ANSWER= Perform Overloading

10.      The Output Of the next Program will probably be? [AJK PSC COMPUTER INSTRUCTOR 2016 Paper]

Int principal(){
Int okay;
Ok=(1,2,3,4,5,6 );
Return 0;

    a) 1,2,3,4,5,6
    b) 0
    c) 5
    d) {1,2,3,4,5,6}

    ANSWER= 1,2,3,4,5,6

11.      An Uninitialized Pointer in C known as ? [AJK PSC COMPUTER INSTRUCTOR 2016 Paper]

    a) Constructor
    b) Pointer
    c) Dangling Pointer
    d) Destructor

    ANSWER= Destructor: An Uninitialized Pointer in C

12.      C is ___________ Kind of Programming Language?[AJK PSC COMPUTER INSTRUCTOR 2016 Paper]

    a) OB Object Oriented
    b) Practical
    c) Bit Degree Language
    d) Procedural

    ANSWER= Procedural
    Clarification/Reply: C programming is a procedural language. It’s written in quite a lot of steps using-statements and capabilities. Logic is clearly depicted in this system. Procedural language can be known as Crucial Language. Examples are BASIC and so forth.



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