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JavaScript Weekly Issue 604: September 2, 2022

12 Useful JavaScript Data Grid Libraries — A rundown of some data grid libraries for providing spreadsheet-esque views over datasets – Zara also shares her recommendations on things to consider when making a choice.

Zara Cooper


  • DEBUGGING TIP: David Walsh shows off Chrome’s rather useful monitorEvents and monitor helper functions for being notified when certain events occur or if a certain function is ever called. I didn’t know about these.. and even Ben Nadel in the comments said: “Oh my chickens, this is amazing” 😆

  • Another month, another VS Code release. Context-maintaining ‘sticky scroll’ is no longer an experimental feature. Ships with TypeScript 4.8. Oh, and rounded buttons 😏

  • 18 months after jQuery 3.6.0 was released, jQuery 3.6.1 is here as a maintenance release. The fixes and improvements are minor indeed, but I can’t help but feel comforted by its continued existence 🥰


NodeBB 2.5 – Node.js based forum software.
Faker 7.5 – Generate dummy data on demand.
ReacType 13 – React app prototyping environment.
Lerna 5.5 – Monorepo oriented build system for JS packages.
ESLint 8.23

📒 Articles & Tutorials

Are Default Exports in JavaScript Modules Terrible? — Lloyd thinks so and points out that default exports can lead to mismatched and confusing names, so prefers named exports instead. As always, though, it comes down to how you use the feature.

Lloyd Atkinson

Understanding React’s useMemo and useCallback — Many find these hooks confusing. This tutorial goes over what they do exactly and how to get the most out of them – all in Josh’s usual highly accessible and engaging style.

Josh W. Comeau

An Introduction to Dependency Injection“Dependency injection is, in its essence, about parametrizing things previously hardcoded in functions/classes, so we can control these functions/classes to a greater extent.”

Henrique Yuji

Hyper Fetch: A Turbocharged Fetch Library — The creator bills it as “a mix of Axios and react-query in one, with advanced persistence options.” It’s backend agnostic and offers queues, caching, persistence, and even offline support out of the box. GitHub repo.

Maciej Pyrc et al.

TestCafe v2.0.0: Automated End-to-End Testing Tool — A popular and long standing testing tool reaches a new milestone and, notably, is the first update to include breaking changes.. so if you’re a user, pay close attention.

Developer Express Inc.


Jest-Image-Snapshot 5.2 – Jest matcher for image comparisons.
melonJS 13.3 – Browser-based 2D game engine.
peaks.js 2.0.5 – BBC-created audio waveform UI component.
github-script 6.2 – Use JS in GitHub workflows.
Create Rust App 8.2 – Set up a Rust + React app in one command.
Ember Inspector 4.7 – An Ember tab for your DevTools.

Find JavaScript Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.




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