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information constructions and algorithms quiz

1. The time period Information Construction refers to _____ and interrelationship between them.

A. Programming Language Assertion

B. Coding Requirements

C. Group of knowledge factor

D .Not one of the above

2: Non Primitive information Constructions are these which outline set of _____ .

A. Static Parts

B. Primitive Parts

C. Derived Parts

D. Not one of the above

3.Which information construction permits deleting information components from entrance and inserting at rear ?

A. Queues

B. Stacks

C. Binary search tree

D. Deques

4.If components of the info construction kinds a sequence of record then it’s known as as _____ .

A.Linear information construction

Non-primitive information construction

Primitive information construction

Not one of the above

5. Establish the info construction which permits deletions at each ends of the record however insertion at just one finish.

A. Precedence queues

B. Output-restricted deque

C. Enter-restricted deque

D. Not one of the above

6. Key worth pair is often seen in

A. Hash tables

B. Heaps

C. Each a and b

D. Skip record

7. Which of the next information construction is non-linear kind ?

A. Lists

B. Stacks

C. Strings

D. Not one of the above

8. AVL timber have a quicker __________

A. Insertion

B. Deletion

C. Updation

D. Retrieval

9.Which of the next information construction is linear kind ?

A. Lists

B. Queues

C. Strings

D. All the above

10.To symbolize hierarchical relationship between components, which information construction is appropriate ?

A. Precedence

B. Tree

C. Deque

D. All the above

11.Objects in a precedence queue are entered in a _____________ order

A. random

B. order of precedence

C. as and once they come

D. not one of the above

12.A binary tree whose each node has both zero or two youngsters is known as as _____ .

A. Binary search tree

B. Prolonged binary tree

C. Full binary tree

D. Not one of the above

13.Breadth First search is utilized in

A. Binary timber

B. Stacks

C. Graphs

D. Each a and c

14.When representing any algebraic expression E which makes use of solely binary operations in a 2-tree,

A. the operations in E will seem as exterior nodes and variables in inner nodes

B. the variables and operations in E will seem solely in exterior nodes

C. the variables and operations in E will seem solely in inner nodes

D. the variable in E will seem as exterior nodes and operations in inner nodes

15.Which of the next methods is a pre-order traversal?

A. Root->left sub tree-> proper sub tree

B. Root->proper sub tree-> left sub tree

C. proper sub tree-> left sub tree->Root

D. left sub tree-> proper sub tree->Root

16.What’s the peculiarity of crimson black timber?

A. In red-black timber, the basis don’t comprise information.

B. In red-black timber, the leaf nodes will not be related and don’t comprise information.

C. In red-black timber, the leaf nodes are related however don’t comprise information.

D. Each a and c above

17.A binary tree can simply be transformed into q 2-tree

A. by changing every empty sub tree by a brand new exterior node

B. by inserting an exterior nodes for non-empty node

C. by inserting an inner nodes for non-empty node

D. by changing every empty sub tree by a brand new inner node

18.When changing binary tree into prolonged binary tree, all the unique nodes in binary tree are

A. exterior nodes on prolonged tree

B. vanished on prolonged tree

C. inner nodes on prolonged tree

D. Not one of the above

19. Can stack be described as a pointer?

A. Sure

B. No

20.The publish order traversal of a binary tree is DEBFCA. Discover out the pre order traversal.





21. In a binary tree, sure null entries are changed by particular pointers which level to nodes larger within the tree for effectivity. These particular pointers are known as

A. department

B. path

C. Leaf

D. thread

22.. On which precept does stack work?





23. On which precept does queue work?




D. Each a and b

24. _____ defines a set of primitive components which don’t includes every other factor as its sub-part.

A. Linear Information Construction

B. Primitive Information Construction

C. Non Linear Information Construction

D. Non-Primitive Information Construction

25.Which of the next shouldn’t be an obstacle to the utilization of array?

A. Fastened dimension

B. There are possibilities of wastage of reminiscence house if components inserted in an array are lesser than the allotted dimension

C. Insertion primarily based on place

D. Accessing components at specified positions

26.What would be the worth of prime, if there’s a dimension of stack STACK_SIZE is 5

 A. 5

 B. 6

 C. 4

 D. None

27.Which of the next information construction retailer the homogeneous information components?

 A. Arrays

 B. Information

 C. Pointers

 D. Lists

28.Any node is the trail from the basis to the node is known as

 A. Successor node

 B. Ancestor node

 C. Inside node

 D. Not one of the above

29.Which of the next information construction is linear kind?

 A. Array

 B. Tree

 C. Graphs

 D. Hierarchy

30. _______ degree is the place the mannequin turns into appropriate executable code

 A. Summary degree

 B. Software degree

 C. Implementation degree

 D. All the above

31._______ may be very helpful in state of affairs when information should saved after which retrieved in reverse order.

 A. Stack

 B. Queue

 C. Listing

 D. Hyperlink record

32.In a queue, the preliminary values of entrance pointer f uncommon pointer r must be _______ and ________ respectively.

 A. 0 and 1

 B. 0 and -1

 C. -1 and 0

 D. 1 and 0

33.There may be an additional factor on the head of the record known as a __________

 A. Antinel


 C. Listing header

 D. Listing head

34.Which is/are the appliance(s) of stack

 A. Perform calls

 B. Giant quantity Arithmetic

 C. Analysis of arithmetic expressions

 D. All the above

35.Which of the next shouldn’t be the a part of ADT description?

 A. Information

 B. Operations

 C. Each of the above

 D. Not one of the above

36.A graph is a set of nodes, known as ________ And line segments known as arcs or ________ that join pair of nodes.

 A. Vertices, edges

 B. Edges, vertices

 C. Vertices, paths

 D. Graph node, edges

37.The best way through which the info merchandise or objects are logically associated defines __________

 A. Storage construction

 B. Information construction

 C. Information relationship

 D. Information operation

38.In a round queue, the worth of r might be ________

 A. r = r + 1

 B. r = (r + 1)% [QUEUE_SIZE – 1]

 C. r=( r + 1)% QUEUE_SIZE

 D. r=(r – 1)% QUEUE_SIZE

39. There may be an additional factor on the head of the record known as a __________

 A. Antinel

 B. Sentinel

 C. Listing header

 D. Listing head

40.State true or false.

    (i) The diploma of root node is all the time zero.

    (ii) Nodes that aren’t root and never leaf are known as as inner nodes.

  A. True, True

  B. True, False

 C. False, True

 D. False, False

41.Using tips that could refer components of an information construction through which components are logically adjoining is _________.

 A. Pointers

 B. Linked allocation

 C. Stack

 D. Queue

42. Within the _________ traversal we course of all of a vertex’s descendants earlier than we transfer to an adjoining vertex.

 A.Depth First

 B. Breadth First

 C. With First

 D. Depth Restricted

43. Which of the next statements are true?

1. Linked record has extra storage over head than array, contemplating each are of identical dimension.

2. Linked record’s dimension is fastened whereas array’s dimension may be various dynamically.

3. The record components can’t be inserted or faraway from the linked record.

A. Just one and a couple of

B. Just one

C. Solely 2 and three

D. Solely 2

E .1, 2 and three

44.Which of the next statements is/are true?

1. The time complexity for looking out a component in binary search tree is O(log n).

2. The time complexity for looking out a component in binary tree is O(n).

3. The time complexity for looking out a component in binary tree and binary search tree can’t be decided.

A. Each 1 and a couple of

B. Just one

C. Solely 2

D. Solely 2 and three

E. 1, 2 and three

45.Given 4 algorithms A, B, C, D with time complexities as follows: A-O(n) B-O(log log n) C-O(log n) D-O(1) the place n > 1 Choose the choice, which provides the algorithms in growing order of their time complexities.

A. C B A D

B. B C D A

C. A D B C

D. A D C B

E. None of those

46.Which of the next looking out strategies takes a time complexity of O(1) to look a component?

A. Linear search

B. Binary search

C. Hash primarily based search (Hashing)

D. Tree primarily based search

E. Not one of the above

47. A tree information construction has 100 nodes. What’s the variety of nodes on this tree having no ancestor?

A. 50

B. 1

C. 0

D. 55

E. None of those

48. Inorder traversal of Binary Search Tree offers which of the next?

A. Descending order of inserted components

B. Random order of inserted components

C. Ascending order of inserted components

D. The order through which the weather are inserted

E. Not one of the above

49.. Final in first out property is related to which of the next information constructions?

A. Linked record

B. Queue

C. Stack

D. Tree

E. None of those

50. Through which of the next functions is a tree information construction finest used?

A. Image desk building

B. Spell checker

C. Auto full function

D. Implementing recursion

E. None of those

Q,No Reply

1 C

2 C


4 A

5 C

6 A

7 D

8 D

9 D

10 B

11 A

12 B

13 D

14 D

15 A

16 B

17 A

18 C

19 A

20 D

21 D

22 D

23 D

24 B

25 D

26 C

27 B

28 B

29 A

30 C

31 B

32 B

33 B

34 D

35 D

36 A

37 B

38 C

39 B

40 C

41 B

42 A

43 B

44 D

45 B

46 C

47 B

48 C

49 C

50 A



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