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Identifiers in C



In C Programming,identifier is nothing however a consumer outlined title given to variable,perform,

construction and so forth.Identifier names should differ in spelling and case from any key phrases.Let’s perceive with an instance:


float proportion=68.69;

int rollno=13;


In above eg  We now have outlined two identifier proportion,rollno.




Guidelines for naming identifiers:

 1.The primary letter of  an identifer ought to begin both with letter or an underscore.

 2.We can not use Key phrase as an identifer.

can Use numerical worth i.e 1-9 in identifier nevertheless it ought to begin with
both letter or underscore,We can not outline identifier beginning with
quantity.for eg marks1 is right however 1marks shouldn’t be right.

4.There is no such thing as a rule on how lengthy an identifier will be. Nonetheless, you could run
into issues in some compilers if the identifier is longer than 31

5.It can not have two consecutive underscores.

6.It may be a mix of numbers, letters, connectors, and Unicode characters.

7.It should begin with a letter of the alphabet or an underscore, not a quantity.

8.It shouldn’t embrace white area.

9.It can not have greater than 511 characters.

10.It must be declared earlier than it’s referred.

11.Two identifiers can not have the identical title.

12.Identifiers are case delicate.


Examples of some legitimate identifiers:

  1. name1
  2. age_1
  3. avgofmarks
  4. _mall

Examples of invalid identifiers:

  1. 1digit(beginning with numeric digit)
  2. int(Key phrase)
  3. float(Key phrase)
  4. n+i(particular character “+” is used)


Varieties of Identifier:


Exterior Identifier:If the identifier is used withinside the skin linkage, then it’s miles referred to as an outdoor identifier. The surface identifiers could also be characteristic names, worldwide variables.


Inside Identifier:If the identifier is not used withinside the skin linkage, then it’s miles known as an internal identifier. The internal identifiers could also be neighborhood variables. 


Distinction between   Key phrase and Identifer:

The identifier is just the title given to the variable, while a variable represents a memory topic the place some statistics is saved based on its information kind. It is merely like what’s the distinction between you and your title. Your title is just a phrase that human beings title you with, while you’re a human being.

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