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examine if a File is hidden in Java? Instance

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Discover hidden recordsdata in Java with Instance

So now we’re clear that we will’t write code for making a file hidden straight from Java File API  however what we will do is after making any file hidden relying upon the platform we will examine the file property is hidden or not and accordingly we will use that file in our software. isHidden() technique is supplied on file Class in Java which we are going to use to check this property.

Syntax of the strategy:

public static boolean isHidden(Path  path) throws IOException

How To examine Hidden property of file in Java-isHidden ()Methodology

checking and finding hidden file in javaRight here we move the path of the file for which we wish to check hidden property and it’ll return true if it’s a hidden file in any other case will get a false worth.

Here’s a full code instance of discovering a hidden file in Java, we’re utilizing the file.isHidden() technique to examine whether or not a file is hidden or not.



 * @creator Javin



public class FileHiddenExample{

       public static void predominant(String[] args)throws SecurityException ,IOException{

        File file = new File(“C:/HiddenTest.txt”);

        if (file.isHidden()) {


            System.out.println(“This file is Hidden file: “);

        }else {

            System.out.println(“File just isn’t Hidden “);





That’s all on methods to discover hidden recordsdata in java which is kind of simple through the use of the isHidden() technique. let me know if you recognize every other approach of constructing a file hidden from Java program and we will embrace that Instance right here. I’ll focus on how we will make a file hidden in Java on subsequent publish disguise Information from Java program

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