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Bootstrap 5 Badges [Learn with 8 Examples]

Bootstrap 5 Badges – A Rely and labeling element

The badges in Bootstrap 5 can be utilized for:

  • A small element to point out the depend of one thing. For instance, exhibiting the variety of messages within the inbox with a button.
  • A generic indicator, e.g. exhibiting a sign of latest posts within the newsfeed.
  • Can even act as a labeling element and many others.

The best way to create badges?

Badges could be created by assigning .badge class to a component, usually span. This span tag can be utilized individually or hooked up with different parts like buttons, heading tags, and many others.

See the examples under for badges in Bootstrap 5 with varied kinds.

Utilizing badges with headings instance

Badges can be utilized with headings tags (h1 to h6) as a strategy to present some data standing out with the heading.

See an instance under the place all six headings are used with the badge. A span tag with .badge class is used as follows:


Utilizing just a few context lessons to colorize badges

Within the above instance, the .bg-secondary class is used because the background shade for the badge. On this instance, we used varied out there context lessons to colorize the badges. See the code/output under:

An instance of utilizing badges with buttons

You may additionally use badges with buttons. See an instance under the place we used single shade for buttons and badges:


An instance of utilizing varied shade badges and button

The next instance makes use of completely different shade buttons with badges:


Utilizing badges with hyperlinks

Equally, you might create badges with hyperlinks and magnificence them by utilizing out there contextual lessons. An instance under reveals how:


Setting the place of the badge with a button instance

On this instance, the badges are set towards completely different positions. One is in the direction of the proper prime, one other is proper backside and the third one is prime left.

You could set the place by utilizing utilities as proven within the instance under:


Making a circle badge instance

You may additionally create a circle badge as nicely.


An instance of utilizing the rounded-pill utility for a capsule badge

By utilizing .rounded-pill utility class with .badge, you might create badges extra rounded with a bigger border radius. Take a look at an instance under:





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