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A query about utilizing ioutil package deal(from beginner) – Getting Assist says “As of Go 1.16, the identical performance is now supplied by package deal io or package deal os, and people implementations needs to be most popular in new code.”
Does this imply?: utilizing straight package deal io or os is sufficient and higher than ioutil. so do not use ioutil.

In that case, why isn’t this package deal faraway from customary go library? I do know Go goals simplicity. Wouldn’t or not it’s higher if the non-recommended package deal was eliminated?

If i flawed, excuse me :slight_smile:

Notice: I’m beginner about programming. Thanks.

Hiya, it is rather frequent to each programming language keep the oldest features/libraries, if it isn’t a bug for positive. This occur as a result of if it was eliminated, previous codes needs to be rewrite from scratch, sudden incompatibilities would seem, and in addition the sustaining of previous codes can be very onerous.


As a result of Go made a promise to be backward appropriate for Go 1 – Go 1 and the Way forward for Go Packages – The Go Programming Language

Additional clarified in Ceaselessly Requested Questions (FAQ) – The Go Programming Language


The APIs could develop, buying new packages and options, however not in a means that breaks current Go 1 code.

Usually, it’s an industrial practices to be backward-compatible at any time when attainable.

Delete – strictly talking, is a 1-way motion the place deleted entity are often unrecoverable, thus breaking the person expertise when it comes to expectation. Go is utilized in many important system worldwide and introduce a small breaking modifications with out cautious planning and communications might be disastrous.

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