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What’s New in Interoperability with TensorFlow and PyTorch » Deep Studying

For deep studying, MATLAB permits customers to create and practice fashions in MATLAB or leverage fashions skilled in open supply through mannequin conversion. Previous to MATLAB R2022b, help for mannequin conversion included: import from and export to ONNX™, and import from TensorFlow™. We’re excited to share that as of MATLAB R2022b, customers can now export fashions to TensorFlow as Python® code and may import fashions from PyTorch® (beginning with help for picture classification).


Export to TensorFlow

The help package deal Deep Studying Toolbox Converter for TensorFlow Fashions simply added the aptitude to export from MATLAB to TensorFlow, by utilizing the exportNetworkToTensorFlow operate.

There are lots of causes to be excited in regards to the new exportNetworkToTensorFlow operate:

  1. You may export deep studying networks and layer graphs (e.g., convolutional, LSTM) on to TensorFlow.
  2. It’s simple to export a community, load it as a TensorFlow mannequin, and use the exported mannequin for prediction. For a related instance, see Export Community to TensorFlow and Classify Picture.
  3. It’s simple to export an untrained layer graph, load it as a TensorFlow mannequin, and practice the exported mannequin. For a related instance, see Export Untrained Layer Graph to TensorFlow.
  4. It can save you the exported mannequin in any customary TensorFlow format, resembling SavedModel or HDF5 format, and share it together with your colleagues who work in TensorFlow.
  5. Many MATLAB layers could be transformed to TensorFlow layers. For a full record of the layers, see Layers Supported for Export to TensorFlow.
Right here I’m displaying the fundamental workflow of find out how to export a deep studying community to TensorFlow, load it as a TensorFlow mannequin, and put it aside in SavedModel format.


Load a pretrained community. The Pretrained Deep Neural Networks documentation web page reveals you all choices of find out how to get a pretrained community. You may alternatively create your personal community.

web = darknet19;

Export the community web to TensorFlow. The exportNetworkToTensorFlow operate saves the TensorFlow mannequin within the Python package deal DarkNet19.


The DarkNet19 package deal comprises 4 recordsdata:

  • The file, which defines the DarkNet19 folder as a daily Python package deal.
  • The file, which comprises the code that defines the untrained TensorFlow-Keras mannequin.
  • The README.txt file, which offers directions on find out how to load the TensorFlow mannequin and put it aside in HDF5 or SavedModel format.
  • The weights.h5 file which comprises the mannequin weights in HDF5 format.

Determine: The exported TensorFlow mannequin is saved within the common Python package deal DarkNet19.


Python Code:

Load the exported TensorFlow mannequin from the DarkNet19 package deal.

import DarkNet19
mannequin = DarkNet19.load_model()

Save the exported mannequin within the SavedModel format."DarkNet19_savedmodel")


Import from PyTorch

In R2022b we launched the Deep Studying Toolbox Converter for PyTorch Fashions help package deal. This preliminary launch helps importing picture classification fashions. Help for different mannequin sorts will likely be added in future releases.

Use the importNetworkFromPyTorch operate to import a PyTorch mannequin. Ensure that the PyTorch mannequin that you’re importing is pretrained and traced. I’m displaying you right here find out how to import a picture classification mannequin from PyTorch and initialize it.

Python Code:

Load a pretrained picture classification mannequin from the TorchVision library.

import torch
from torchvision import fashions
mannequin = fashions.mnasnet1_0(pretrained=True)

Hint the PyTorch mannequin. For extra info on find out how to hint a PyTorch mannequin,

go to Torch documentation: Tracing a operate.

X = torch.rand(1,3,224,224)
traced_model = torch.jit.hint(mannequin.ahead,X)

Save the PyTorch mannequin."")


Import the PyTorch mannequin into MATLAB by utilizing the importNetworkTFromPyTorch operate. The operate imports the mannequin as an uninitialized dlnetwork object with out an enter layer.

web = importNetworkFromPyTorch("");

Specify the enter dimension of the imported community and create a picture enter layer. Then, add the picture enter layer to the imported community and initialize the community by utilizing the
addInputLayer operate (additionally new in R2022b).

InputSize = [224 224 3];
InputLayer = imageInputLayer(InputSize,Normalization="none");
web = addInputLayer(web,InputLayer,Initialize=true);

You might need observed within the above code that the enter dimensions in PyTorch and MATLAB have a distinct order. For extra info, see Enter Dimension Ordering for Deep Studying Platforms.

For extra particulars on find out how to import a PyTorch mannequin, find out how to initialize the imported mannequin, and find out how to carry out workflows (resembling prediction and coaching) on the imported mannequin, see the Examples of the importNetworkTFromPyTorch documentation web page.


Interoperability Capabilities Abstract

The interoperability help packages assist you to join Deep Studying Toolbox with TensorFlow, Pytorch, and ONNX. Use the import and export capabilities to entry fashions accessible in open-source repositories and collaborate with colleagues who work in different deep studying frameworks.

Extra info:



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