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The electrical area is a major amount when coping with issues in electromagnetism and has a number of functions in numerous disciplines. The examine of electrical fields resulting from static prices is a department of electromagnetism – electrostatics. There are a number of functions of electrostatics, such because the Van de Graaf generator, xerography, and laser printers. Each charged object creates a area within the area surrounding it. Michael Faraday was recognized for his discovery of electromagnetic induction and the introduction of the idea of fields within the 19th century. His imaginative and prescient laid the inspiration for a lot of discoveries in fashionable electromagnetic concept. An electrical area is carried by subatomic particles, particularly, the proton carrying a optimistic cost and the electron carrying a damaging cost. Together with neutrons, these particles make up all of the atoms within the universe. Due to this fact it's important to check the visible and quantitative relationships between electrical fields and equipotential traces.

Electrostatic pressure and electrical area

When a cost is within the neighborhood of one other cost, it experiences a pressure exerted by the neighboring cost. By Coulomb’s regulation, the forces of attraction or repulsion exerted between two level prices varies in direct proportion to the product of the magnitude of the fees and differ inversely because the sq. of the gap between them. This regulation is analogous to Newton’s regulation of common gravitation. The variations are that electrical fields are a lot stronger than the gravitational area and electrical forces arising from the electrical fields are both enticing or repulsive relying on the signal of the fees. The electrical area is outlined by the pressure exerted by a degree cost on a unit take a look at cost and is given by pressure per unit cost. Simply because the gravitational pressure arises from a gravitational area, the electrical pressure arises from the electrical area. These are given by the formulae,

vec{F} = frac{kqQhat r}{r^2}

the place,

r – the gap between the supply cost and take a look at cost

Q – supply cost

q – take a look at cost

 k = frac{1}{4*pi epsilon} = 9 times 10^9 frac{Nm}{C}

and the electrical area is given by,

vec{E}=frac{kQhat r}{r^2}


Determine 1: Electrical area traces - optimistic level cost

Electric field lines - negative point charge

Determine 2: Electrical area traces - damaging level cost

Each level within the 3D area is topic to the electrical area, and the sphere round a degree cost is spherically symmetric. For any given location, the electrical area may be represented by arrows that change in size in proportion to the power of the electrical area. This is named the vector area map which has the magnitude and path of the electrical area at evenly spaced factors on a grid, and that is the illustration created with the MATLAB code utilizing the quiver plot. Nonetheless in actuality, it's extra handy to signify electrical fields with patterns of electrical area traces relatively than with arrows. These area traces are created by connecting the sphere vectors collectively. These patterns of area traces prolong from infinity to the supply cost. The electrical area traces originate from a optimistic cost, terminate at a damaging cost, and by no means intersect. These area traces are directed radially outward for optimistic and inward for damaging prices.


Determine 3: Electrical area traces and equipotential lines-Equal and reverse prices

Electric field lines - equal positive charges

Determine 4: Electrical area and equipotential traces - equal optimistic prices

The electrical area doesn't rely on the take a look at cost and relies upon solely on the gap from the supply cost to the take a look at cost and the supply cost. Extending this concept to a system of prices, the mixed electrical area resulting from these prices seems because the vector sum of the person prices, which is given by the superposition precept as,

 vec{E} = frac{ksum_{i=1}^{n}Q_{i}hat r}{r^2}

Superposition principle for multiple point charges

Determine 5: Superposition precept for a number of level prices

Relationship between electrical area traces and equipotential traces

 There are traces alongside which the electrical potential is equal, and these may be visualized as contour traces/isolines surrounding the cost. These are often called the equipotential traces, and because the title suggests, the electrical potentials are the identical all over the place alongside these traces or equipotential surfaces(in 3D). The equipotential traces are analogous to the contour traces on a topographical map that signifies traces of equal elevation and therefore equal gravitational potential vitality.

Topographical Map - Contour lines

Determine 6: Topographical Map - Contour traces

So the work achieved by the gravitational area can be zero as you stroll alongside the contour traces of fixed elevation. The equipotential traces are alongside a path that's perpendicular to the electrical area and the electrical potential is a scalar amount. Thus electrical area traces are pointed in a path in the direction of most potential lower. If we take a take a look at cost in an electrical area and transfer it in opposition to the electrical area, there's a ensuing work achieved to maneuver it in that path. Nonetheless, shifting the take a look at cost alongside an equipotential line leads to no change within the potential vitality, which suggests that the electrical area does no work in shifting the cost alongside this line(for the reason that path of the electrical pressure is perpendicular to the path of movement). The equipotential traces nearer to the supply can be extra carefully spaced owing to a stronger electrical area at these areas and would develop into extra broadly spaced at distances additional away from the supply. These phenomena may be defined by observing that the take a look at cost positioned at an preliminary potential would speed up and therefore acquire kinetic vitality in a path alongside the electrical area traces in a short time. This is able to lead to reaching a line of decrease potential vitality at a really small distance from the preliminary place. At factors of a weaker electrical area, it will speed up away slower and journey an extended distance earlier than dropping potential vitality and gaining kinetic vitality.

Equipotential surfaces and electric field lines- Cylinder

Determine 7: Equipotential surfaces and electrical area lines- Cylinder

Equipotential surfaces and electric field lines- Sphere

Determine 8: Equipotential surfaces and electrical area lines- Sphere

Now that we've seen the visible relationship allow us to take a look at the quantitative relationship between the electrical area, potential vitality, and electrical potential.

A take a look at cost that strikes alongside the path of the electrical area would expertise an electrostatic pressure of

vec{F}= qvec{E}


vec{E} =frac{kQhat r}{r^2}

And the work achieved by the pressure to maneuver it alongside displacement ‘dx’ is given by

W = qvec{E}times dx

Due to this fact the change in potential vitality is the damaging of the work achieved because it strikes within the path of the sphere traces

dU = - qvec{E}times dx

The electrical potential distinction or the voltage is outlined as the electrical potential vitality per unit cost and given by,

dV = frac{dU}{q} = -vec{E}times dx

With out the belief of uniformity of the electrical area, it may be expressed because the gradient of the potential within the path of x as,

vec{E} = -frac{dV}{dx}

and therefore

V = frac{kQ}{r}

Equipotential traces and area traces for a system of prices

i. Equal optimistic prices

Take into account a system of two equal optimistic prices, as proven in Determine 4. As described earlier, the electrical area traces would level away from one another resulting from electrostatic repulsion. The dotted traces in Determine 4 signify the equipotential traces.

And for the reason that equipotential surfaces are perpendicular to the sphere traces, they modify from the spherical floor and take an egg-shaped type. They seem to merge as you go additional away from the fees. At a distance a lot greater than the separating distance between the fees, the equipotential floor across the two prices turns into spherical.

ii. Unequal optimistic prices

For the case of unequal optimistic prices, the one distinction from the prior case is that the scale of the spherical floor of the person cost will increase in proportion to the magnitude of the cost and types a bigger spherical equipotential floor across the cost

Equipotential lines and electric field - unequal positive charges

Determine 9 : Equipotential traces and electrical area - unequal optimistic prices

iii. Equal damaging prices

For the case of two damaging prices, the equipotential is similar as for the case of two optimistic prices.

Equipotential lines and electric field - equal negative charges

Determine 10: Equipotential traces and electrical area - equal damaging prices

iv. Equal and reverse prices - Dipole

A dipole consists of two prices of equal and reverse indicators separated by a distance. Taking the case of a dipole, the electrical area traces terminate on the damaging cost and emerge from the optimistic cost. Due to this fact, to keep up perpendicularity with the sphere traces, the equipotential traces flatten out on the centre of the 2 prices and would by no means merge, forming a sheet/line of zero potential. That is as seen in Determine 3, with the pink dashed traces being the equipotential traces.

For unequal and reverse prices, the equipotential floor of the bigger optimistic/damaging cost dominates over the smaller cost. At distances sufficiently removed from the fees would seem to merge with one another, forming surfaces of optimistic/damaging potential, and the system of prices would seem as a single optimistic/damaging cost, as proven within the determine under.

Equipotential lines and electric field - unequal and opposite charges- large positive charge

Determine 11: Electrical area lines- unequal and reverse prices

Equipotential lines and electric field - unequal and opposite charges

Determine 12: Equipotential traces - unequal and reverse prices

Thus the online impact of a system of prices may be prolonged to any variety of prices, and the sphere traces and equipotential surfaces are fashioned based on the above-stated rules.

Equipotential lines and electric field - a system of charges

Determine 13: Equipotential traces and electrical area - a system of prices

MATLAB Code implementation

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Code & Report!

The speculation of electrical fields in static equilibrium is electrostatics. Study electrical fields and equipotential traces resulting from a generalized system of prices with the visualization and quantitative relationships utilizing MATLAB; Developed in MATLAB R2022a


% This script creates a visualization for the vector area represenation for
% the electrical area and equipotential surfaces in 2D together with
% surface-contour plot of voltage

% Subject: Electrical area and potential resulting from a system of prices
% Web site: https://matlabhelper.com
% Date: 25-04-2022

shut all;

% The fixed is calculated taking the fees to be within the order of nano
% coulombs and the relative permittivity as one. This is able to give the ensuing
% fixed as 9.

const = 9;
% Prices within the order of nano- coulombs
Q = [4,-1, -4, 1, 3, -2, -5];
% Array of areas
X = [-10,-5,5,10,10,15,15];
Y = [0,5,10,5,10,10,20];
% Variety of prices

n = size(Q);

(In the remainder of the code, the electrical fields and potential are computed. The quiver plot is then created for the electrical vector area traces and the contour plot for equipotential traces. The floor plot can be created for the voltage)


i. Prices :  [ 1, 1]

Cost areas : X = [-5,5]; Y = [0,5];

Equipotential lines - contour plot

Determine 14 : Equipotential traces - contour plot

Electric Vector field - quiver plot

Determine 15: Electrical Vector area - quiver plot

Voltage - surface plot with contour plot

Determine 16: Voltage - floor plot with contour plot

ii. Prices :  [ -1, -1]

    Cost areas : X = [-5,5]; Y = [0,5];

Equipotential lines - contour plot

Determine 17: Equipotential traces - contour plot

Electric Vector field - quiver plot

Determine 18: Electrical Vector area - quiver plot

Voltage - surface plot with contour plot

Determine 19: Voltage - floor plot with contour plot

iii. Prices :  [4,1, -4, -1];

Cost areas : X = [-10,-5,5,10]; Y = [0,5,10,5];

 Equipotential lines - contour plot

Determine 20: Equipotential traces - contour plot

Electric Vector field - quiver plot

Determine 21: Electrical Vector area - quiver plot

Voltage - surface plot with contour plot

Determine 22: Voltage - floor plot with contour plot

v. Prices : [4,-1, -4, 1, 3, -2, -5];

X = [-10,-5,5,10,10,15,15]; Y = [0,5,10,5,10,10,20];

Equipotential lines - contour plot

Determine 23: Equipotential traces - contour plot

Electric Vector field - quiver plot

Determine 24: Electrical Vector area - quiver plot

Voltage - surface plot with contour plot

Determine 25: Voltage - floor plot with contour plot


The visualization and computation of the electrical fields, equipotential traces and voltage have been described within the above sections utilizing MATLAB. The connection between electrical fields and equipotential surfaces has been mentioned for numerous cost mixtures, and the corresponding code outcomes have been generated for a system of prices. It builds the idea from a system of two prices and extends it to a number of prices.

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