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Sending an E-mail to Members of an AD Group

Generally you must ship  an e-mail to members of an AD Group. This can be the case for those who discover it vital to tell all of your co-workers. When you administer the useful resource through Lively Listing group you have got the choice to ship an e-mail to all of the group’s members. It’s finest to go together with the PowerShell script ‚CreateMailFromGroup‘.

Ship E-Mails to AD Group Members

The PowerShell script „CreateMailFromGroup.ps1“ reads all customers of the AD switch group recursively.

It reads the attribute “e-mail” from all consumer accounts to seek out out all of the group members’ addresses. So, in the long run you need to ship an e-mail through Outlook to all e-mail addresses. Throughout this course of it is going to enter all e-mail addresses as BBC (Blind Carbon Copy) in a brand new Outlook mail. If there isn’t any parameter transferred the script queries the group.

Prequesitions for CreateMailFromGroup

It takes two circumstances for the PS script to ship an e-mail to all members of an AD Group. You must set up:

  1. MS Outlook
  2. ActiveDirectory module for PowerShell

PS-Script: E-Mail from AD Group

The script consists of various paragraphs, which the next half will clarify extra detailed. You discover the entire script on the finish of the article. 

Querying Group

First it asks for a bunch and hundreds the Lively Listing module.

 E-mail to members of an AD Group: Discovering the Addresses

Subsequent you discover out the e-mail addresses with Get-ADGroupMember.

Sending the Outlook E-Mail to all Group Members

The final step is to assign Outlook as an e-mail consumer with New-Object. Outlook will then create a brand new e-mail tackle and set all addresses within the BCC.

Really helpful article:

automation of permission and group membership

Full PowerShell script: CreateMailFromGroup

Lastly you have got the entire script once more. So you possibly can ship an e-mail to members of an AD Group.

Day by day Process: Informing Group Members about Upkeep Measurements

It the IT needs to take care of a printed software or a launch. they will inform the respective customers with the script completely. They will simply ship an e-mail to members of an AD Group. Through the use of the BCC the consumer can’t see different addressees.

Nonetheless, you must take care of the safety rules of the mail system. Most likely the system could take into account it spam. That’s as a result of there are such a lot of e-mail addresses within the BCC.


Article created: 04.02.2021



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