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Primary Linux Instructions – PHPGurukul

Listed below are some primary Linux instructions:

  1. ls: listing recordsdata and directories within the present listing.
  2. cd: change the present listing.
  3. pwd: print the present working listing.
  4. mkdir: create a brand new listing.
  5. rmdir: take away an empty listing.
  6. rm: take away recordsdata or directories.
  7. cp: copy recordsdata or directories.
  8. mv: transfer or rename recordsdata or directories.
  9. cat: show the contents of a file.
  10. grep: seek for a sample in a file.
  11. chmod: change file permissions.
  12. sudo: run a command as a superuser.
  13. prime: show system useful resource utilization.
  14. ps: show details about energetic processes.
  15. kill: terminate a course of.

These are only a few of the numerous instructions accessible in Linux. You’ll be able to be taught extra about every command and its choices through the use of the man command adopted by the command you wish to be taught extra about. For instance, man ls will show the handbook web page for the ls command.



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