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Pressure go construct arm64 on m1 mac – Getting Assist

Presently working beneath command to construct on my m1 mac, however it builds as amd64. I wish to construct as arm64. I attempted prepending the command with GOARCH=arm64, however then I get the error “bundle archwayhq/keyring-go/src/go: construct constraints exclude all Go recordsdata in /Customers/davidchoi/Work/philabs/node-api/hello-world/src/go” although my most important.go file doesn’t use // go:construct. Undecided what is occurring.

go construct -trimpath -buildmode=c-shared -ldflags '-w -s -extldflags "-lresolv"' -o ./src/go

On macs that is the command that’s wanted
CGO_ENABLED=1 GOARCH=arm64 GOHOSTARCH=arm64 go construct -trimpath -buildmode=c-shared -ldflags '-w -s -extldflags "-lresolv"' -o -a ./src/go



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