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(Mounted) Python TypeError ‘bool’ object will not be subscriptable – Finxter

Downside Formulation

Think about the next minimal instance the place a TypeError: 'bool' object will not be subscriptable happens:

boo = True
# or:

This yields the next output:

Traceback (most up-to-date name final):
  File "", line 2, in <module>
TypeError: 'bool' object will not be subscriptable

Answer Overview

Python raises the TypeError: 'bool' object will not be subscriptable when you use indexing or slicing with the sq. bracket notation on a Boolean variable. Nevertheless, the Boolean sort will not be indexable and you can not slice it—it’s not iterable!

In different phrases, the Boolean class doesn’t outline the __getitem__() methodology.

boo = True
boo[0]     # Error!
boo[3:6]   # Error!
boo[-1]    # Error!
boo[:]     # Error!

You may repair this error by

  1. changing the Boolean to a string utilizing the str() perform as a result of strings are subscriptable,
  2. eradicating the indexing or slicing name,
  3. defining a dummy __getitem__() methodology for a customized “Boolean wrapper class”.

🌍 Associated Tutorials: Try our tutorials on indexing and slicing on the Finxter weblog to enhance your expertise!

Technique 1: Convert Boolean to a String

If you wish to entry particular person characters of the “Boolean” strings "True" and "False", contemplate changing the Boolean to a string utilizing the str() built-in perform. A string is subscriptable so the error is not going to happen when making an attempt to index or slice the transformed string.

boo = True
boo_string = str(boo)

# T
# ru

Technique 2: Put Boolean Into Checklist

A easy approach to resolve this error is to place the Boolean into a listing that’s subscriptable—that’s you need to use indexing or slicing on lists that outline the __getitem__() magic methodology.

bools = [True, True, True, False, False, False, True, False]
# False

# [False, False]

Technique 3: Outline the __getitem__() Magic Technique

You can even outline your personal wrapper sort across the Boolean variable that defines a dunder methodology for __getitem__() so that each indexing or slicing operation returns a specified worth as outlined within the dunder methodology.

class MyBool:
    def __init__(self, boo): = boo

    def __getitem__(self, index):

my_boolean = MyBool(True)

# True

# True

This hack is mostly not really helpful, I included it only for comprehensibility and to show you one thing new. 😉


The error message “TypeError: 'boolean' object will not be subscriptable” occurs when you entry a boolean boo like a listing resembling boo[0] or boo[1:4]. To unravel this error, keep away from utilizing slicing or indexing on a Boolean or use a subscriptable object resembling lists or strings.



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