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Learn how to Create Button Teams in Bootstrap 5 [basic, outlined, checkboxes, radio and more]

Button Group in Bootstrap 5

In an effort to create a sequence of buttons in a single horizontal line or stack in a vertical column, you could create button teams in Bootstrap 5.

For instance, creating button teams for subsequent/earlier, and first/final navigation. Equally, minimize/copy/paste button group and so forth.

All you could do is wrap a sequence of buttons with .btn class in .btn-group class.

See the examples beneath.

An instance of a easy button group

As talked about within the above part, you could use:

  • .btn sequence of buttons in button group class i.e. btn-group.
  • Be certain that the right worth is assigned to the position attribute. For instance, the worth for button group needs to be position = “group”.

See an instance beneath the place we created a button group consisting of three buttons.


An instance of utilizing hyperlinks as button group

You may additionally assign .btn courses to the <a> tag with a view to create a button group. See an instance beneath:


Utilizing outlined type buttons in button group instance

You may additionally create button teams with an define type. For that, you could use outline-style courses for buttons. See an instance beneath:


The next define courses for buttons can be found:

  • btn-outline-primary
  • btn-outline-secondary
  • btn-outline-success
  • btn-outline-danger
  • btn-outline-warning
  • btn-outline-info
  • btn-outline-light
  • btn-outline-dark

Be taught extra about Bootstrap 5 buttons

Utilizing checkboxes button group instance

Bootstrap 5 additionally allows you to create checkbox and radio button teams. These are principally toggle button teams.

See an instance beneath:


A radio button group instance

Equally, create radio button teams by utilizing .btn-group. Keep in mind to map the id of <enter> and “for” of the <label>.

Additionally, you could change the identify of the radio group to make a number of radio button teams on a single net web page.

See this instance the place we created two radio button teams.


Creating massive and small dimension button teams instance

Usually, you need to specify the button dimension courses (.btn-lg for giant and .btn-sm for small) for every button individually as utilizing the Bootstrap framework.

Nevertheless, as utilizing button teams, you simply have to assign the dimensions class to .btn-group. Following sizing courses can be found:

  • btn-group-lg (massive buttons)
  • btn-group-small (small button)
  • btn-group (regular dimension)

The instance beneath exhibits utilizing all three dimension buttons. There we used font superior icons in buttons:

An instance of vertically aligned button group

Through the use of .btn-group-vertical class, you could create vertically aligned buttons.


On this approach, you may additionally create checkbox and radio button teams as effectively.

Utilizing nested button group instance

You might use a button group inside one other group. That is named a nested button group. This may be helpful in situations the place you could place a dropdown inside a sequence of buttons.

The next instance exhibits its utilization:

Through the use of .btn-group-vertical class, you could create vertical aligned buttons.





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