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High 40 Binary Tree Coding Interview Questions for Programmers

This job was truly pending for fairly a while and it was caught for me looking for the answer for each query I may have collected. So, I made a decision to publish the checklist of binary tree interview questions now and presumably publish the answer as a separate article later. 

That is like creating an interface and offering implementation later in order that you do not block different people who find themselves dependent upon your interface (truly, that is one benefit of utilizing the interface in Java or another programming language).

What’s Binary Tree Knowledge Construction?

Anyway, coming again to a binary tree,  I want to re-iterate a few of the helpful factors about tree information construction on the whole which is able to make it easier to to unravel these questions by yourself:

1) A tree is the hierarchical information construction not like an array or linked checklist that are linear. This implies you possibly can retailer hierarchical info utilizing a tree information construction, like a company construction, household tree, and many others.

2) A tree has nodes and youngsters. The highest or first node is named the basis.

3) If you wish to visualize, the tree information construction is like an inverted tree in the true world. I imply, once you see bushes round you, their roots are within the backside however once you draw a tree information construction in programming or pc science, their root is on prime.

4) A binary tree is a particular tree, the place you possibly can have at most two youngsters. This implies, one node can both don’t have any youngster, one youngster, or two youngsters. They can’t have three youngsters or extra.

5) All of the nodes which haven’t any youngsters are often called leaf nodes.

6) Binary Search Tree is a particular sort of binary tree the place values of the left subtrees are lower than or equal to root and values of nodes on proper subtrees are better than or equal to root.  This offers a sorting construction to a binary search tree, which makes looking actually quick.

You can too test Knowledge Buildings and Algorithms: Deep Dive Utilizing Java course on Udemy to be taught extra about binary search bushes. It is among the best programs to refresh your information construction and algorithms expertise.

binary tree data structure interview questions

7) The binary search tree is intently related to a binary search which works on the precept of lowering enter dimension to half after each iteration. This makes the search actually quick and you’ll find any component within the binary search tree on O(logN) time, however, provided that the tree is balanced.

8) There are two methods to traverse a tree information construction, depth-first, or stage first. At depth-first, you go down till there isn’t any extra node to go to and then you definately come again to go to nodes on the identical stage.

Whereas in stage order traversal, you go to all nodes on the identical stage earlier than shifting to the subsequent stage.  There may be additionally pre-order, post-order, and in-order traversal for binary which is used to traverse nodes of a binary tree. Inorder traversal is particular as a result of it visits all nodes in sorted order.

9) A balanced binary tree is like having an equal variety of nodes on every subtree you probably have all of the nodes on the one left or proper subtree then your binary tree will develop into un-balanced and it’ll act like a linked checklist as proven within the diagram beneath:

10) An unbalanced or non-balanced binary search tree acts like a linked checklist the place a search will take O(n) time versus O(logN) time in a balanced binary search tree.

These are a few of the vital factors which each and every programmer ought to find out about binary tree information construction. It’ll make it easier to to unravel tree-based coding issues. If you wish to be taught extra concerning the binary tree and different information buildings, I recommend you be a part of information construction and algorithm course like Knowledge Buildings and Algorithms: Deep Dive Utilizing Java on Udemy to brush your fundamentals.

40+  Binary Tree Interview Questions for Java Programmers

With out losing any extra of your time, right here is my checklist of the binary tree and binary search tree (BST) primarily based coding issues from Programming Job interviews. I’ve linked to options wherever is feasible but when there isn’t any hyperlink, it’s also possible to discover a resolution by simply doing a Google search. They’re very talked-about questions and many individuals have already solved them.

To get probably the most from this checklist, strive fixing the issue earlier than wanting into an answer solely then your thoughts will work and you’ll face challenges and consolidate your understanding. Should you have a look at the answer instantly, you’ll solely be taught 10% however for those who strive you’ll be taught 80 to 90% of the ideas and tips behind every query.

1) How do you discover the bottom frequent ancestor of a binary tree in Java? (resolution)

2) How do you print the left view of a binary tree in Java? (resolution)

3) Write a program to assemble a tree from Inorder and PreOrder traversal in Java? (resolution)

4) How do you print frequent nodes in two binary search bushes in Java? (resolution)

5) Why binary heap is a better option over BST for implementing Precedence Queue? (reply)

6) How do you test if a given binary tree is balanced or not? Write a Java methodology, which accepts a binary tree and returns true whether it is balanced or false in any other case. (resolution)

7) What are some benefits of a binary search tree over a hashtable information construction? (reply)

8) How do you test if a given binary tree is a subtree of one other binary tree? (resolution)
You will have given two binary bushes, and it’s essential return true if a primary binary tree is a subtree of the second. A subtree of binary tree BT is a tree T consisting of a node from BT and all of its descendants. For instance, within the following case, T1 is a subtree of binary tree BT

9) How do you discover the space between two nodes in a binary tree? (resolution)

10) The way to discover the bottom frequent ancestor in a binary tree in Java? (resolution)

11) Write a Java program to test if all leaves of a given binary tree are on the identical stage? (resolution)

12) How do you exchange a given binary tree to doubly linked checklist in Java? (resolution)

13) Write a program to discover a depth of a given binary tree in Java? (resolution)

14) What’s the distinction between binary and binary search bushes? (reply)

15) What’s a self-balanced tree? (reply)

16) What’s the AVL Tree? (reply)

17) Write a Java program to print pre-order traversal of a binary search tree? Give an answer utilizing each iteration and recursion? (resolution)

18) Print the post-order traversal of BST? Give Iterative and recursive algorithm (resolution)

19) Print the inorder traversal of a BST in Java? Give each Iterative and recursive algorithms (resolution)

20) You will have given a BST, the place two nodes are swapped? How do you get well the unique BST? (resolution)

21) How do you exchange a binary tree to a binary search tree in Java? (resolution)

22) Discover the most important BST subtree of a given binary tree in Java? (resolution)

23) Write a Java program to attach nodes on the identical stage as a binary tree? (resolution)

24) What’s a Trie information construction? (reply)

25) What’s the distinction between the Binary tree and Trie? (reply)

26) Print ancestors of a given node of a binary tree in Java? (resolution)

27) Write a Java program to print the extent of a given node in a binary tree? (resolution)

28) Print frequent nodes of two given BST in Java? (resolution)

29) Give a binary tree, print all root-to-leaf paths in Java? (resolution)

30) Print Inorder tree traversal with out recursion in Java? (resolution)

31) Print PreOrder tree traversal with out recursion and stack in Java? (resolution)

32) Print PostOrder tree traversal with out recursion in Java? (resolution)

33) Java Program to test if a given binary tree is BST or not? (resolution)

34) Write a Java Program to rely leaf nodes in a binary tree? (resolution)

35) Write a Java program to search out the peak or depth of a binary tree? (resolution)

36) How do you discover if two given binary bushes are the identical? (resolution)
Write a technique in Java, which is able to settle for two binary bushes and return true if they’re the identical, in any other case return false.

37) How do you delete a given node from a binary search tree in Java? (resolution)

38) Write a Java operate so as to add a given node in a binary search tree? (resolution)

39) Print a binary tree in vertical order in Java? (resolution)

40) What’s the Purple-Black Tree information construction? (reply)
Reply – Purple-Black Tree is a self-balancing Binary Search Tree (BST) the place each node has the next properties
a) Each node has a coloration, both purple or black.
b) The basis of the tree is all the time black.
c) There aren’t any two adjoining purple nodes (A purple node can not have a purple father or mother or purple youngster).
d) Each path from the basis to a NULL node has the identical variety of black nodes.

You can too test Knowledge Buildings in Java: An Interview Refresher course on Educative to be taught extra about Purple Black Tree Knowledge construction.

Top 40 Binary Tree Coding Interview Questions for Programmers

That is all on this checklist of prime 40 binary bushes and binary search tree-based coding issues from programming interviews. Though the answer is given in Java programming language, you might be welcome to unravel these questions on any programming language of your selection like Python, C, C++, JavaScript, Ruby, and even Swift. You can too publish your resolution within the feedback part in order that the neighborhood can evaluation your resolution and supply some helpful suggestions.

All the perfect to your coding interview.

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Thanks for studying this text. Should you like this text, then please share it with your folks and colleagues. When you’ve got any questions or suggestions, then please drop a word.

P. S. – In case you are searching for some Free Algorithms programs to enhance your understanding of Knowledge Construction and Algorithms, then you definately must also test these free Knowledge Construction and Algorithms programs on Udemy. It is authored by a Google Software program Engineer and Algorithm skilled, and it is utterly freed from price.



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