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Distinction between array and Hashtable or HashMap in Java

A few days again somebody requested me concerning the distinction between an array and a hashtable, although this can be a generic information construction and programming query, I am going to reply it from each a common programming perspective as effectively on Java perspective the place Hashtable is not only an information construction but additionally a category from Java Assortment API. Regardless that each array and hashtable information construction are supposed for quick search i.e. fixed time search operation also called O(1) search, the elemental distinction between them is that array require an index whereas hash desk requires a key which may very well be one other object. 

Truly, the hash desk is an extension of the array the place the hash operate is used to transform the important thing into an index required by the array, which is additional used to find the factor within the inner array. Sure, a Hashtable or HashMap can be backed by an array, however that is not the total story. 

It additionally makes use of a linked checklist and binary tree information construction to cope with collision and preserve acceptable efficiency. On this article, you’ll find out about each structural and efficiency variations between array and hashtable in Java. 

Let’s now examine array in Java with the Hashtable or HashMap class in Java. Many of the variations are additionally legitimate for common array vs hash desk information construction in pc science programming. Hash desk information construction is also called dictionary in Python and Map in lots of different programming languages. 

Distinction between Array vs hash desk in Java

Now, let’s examine some extra particulars to grasp the distinction between Array and Hashtable in Java: 

1. Index primarily based vs  Key Based mostly

The at the beginning distinction between a hash desk and the array is that array wants an index whereas the hash desk wants a key to look the worth. 

2. Fastened Capability vs Dynamic Capability

The second distinction is that array has a set capability however the hashtable can accommodate extra components than the capability on the interior array by utilizing chaining and a linked checklist

3. Efficiency

The third distinction between a hash desk and the array is that the array at all times offers you O(1) efficiency if the index however hash desk efficiency will be O(n) within the worst case the place on account of collision you must traverse by means of linked checklist to seek out the right worth object. 

This has been barely improved now when JDK makes use of binary tree as a substitute of linked checklist from Java 8 and worst-case efficiency is now pegged to O(logN)

Difference between array and Hashtable or HashMap in Java

4. Utilization

 Array shops only one object however the hash desk shops mapping, I imply pair of key and worth objects. 

5. Sorting

Array would not implement any requirement on storing objects however hash tables often require the important thing object to implement some interface in order that it could actually calculate hash values. For instance, in Java, we have now Hashtable and HashMap lessons in java.util bundle which is our general-purpose hash desk information construction requires key objects to implement equals() and hashcode() technique.

6. Collision

There’s a collision within the array however collision is feasible within the hash desk

7. Synchronization

the array just isn’t synchronized and can’t be made synchronized however Hashtable is synchronized in Java.


Now that we have now seen some variations between array and hash desk information construction, now let’s examine some similarities. 

1. each are linear information construction

2. hashtable is internally backed by an array

3. each present quick search efficiency when a search is by key or index.  

That is all concerning the distinction between array and hash desk information construction in Java. I’ve used the Hashtable class as a consultant of hash desk information construction in Java however you may put HashMap, ConcurrentHashMap or every other Map implementation rather than Hashtable and many of the variations will probably be legitimate. 

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