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Dice Engine: Options and Video games

Each recreation developer desires to develop video games that may work on nearly all platforms and a recreation engine that is freed from price. The Dice is an open-source landscape-style engine that acts as an indoor FPS recreation engine. It combines extraordinarily exact dynamic occlusion with a kind of worldwide geometric mipmapping for dynamic LOD enabling adjustable body charges and graphic element on essentially the most processor.

Dice Engine

The Dice is an open-source landscape-style engine created utilizing OpenGL and C++ that acts as an indoor FPS recreation engine which permits for in-game enhancing of geometry in a full 3D mode, which implies that you could be fly across the map and level or drag objects to select or alter them whereas taking part in concurrently with others in multiplayer. It has easy however environment friendly fine-grain lighting that resembles gentle mapping and is able to dynamic lights and shadows. 

Map precompilation isn’t wanted; Even lightning is completed instantaneously. Contains a Doom/Quake-style single and multiplayer recreation with some brutal old-school gameplay. It has a quite simple quad-tree world construction that may deal with slopes, water, first rate collision detection and physics, and consumer/server networking that goes a good distance in giving a lag-free gaming expertise.

Additional Growth

The Engine was first made obtainable in 2001 with the “Dice” recreation, developed by Wouter Van. Since then, it has appeared in quite a few totally different video games. The Creators sometimes modify the engine to go well with their explicit tasks’ necessities. There are modifications of a contradictory nature, however. The first reason for that is that the engine code and the unique recreation code aren’t unbiased of each other. Each Dice mods and different video games with Dice Engine use these unclear modifications.

Though most engine modifications are minimal, there are specific exceptions, akin to in AssaultCube (2006) and AssualtCube Reloaded (2010), the place the modifications are substantial.

Dice 2: Sauerbraten

The Dice 2:Sauerbraten, the successor to the Dice Engine, was launched in 2004. The Dice engine served as the muse for the Dice 2 Engine, Which progressively diverged from it. The Dice engine and the Dice 2 Engine differ enormously from each other, with the 2 being particularly notable.

  • Geometry is considered one of these two key variations. The Dice 2 Engine has an correct 3D geometry in distinction to the Dice Engine, Which has 2.5D Geometry.
  • There’s a folder containing the supply code, which is the second of those two variations. The engine’s code and the code associated to the sport are in two separate folders. A 3rd folder comprises shared code that permits the communication between the engine and the game-specific code. Although not at all times, The secret is continuously discovered within the folder containing its distinctive code.

The title of the supply code folder in The Dice 2: Sauerbraten model is fpsgame, whereas within the Japanese model is rpsgame. Different folders that comprise libraries utilized by the engine, the sport, or each are current alongside these folders.

Options of Dice Engine


The surroundings of the video games developed utilizing Dice Engine is much like that of Minecraft, a widely known 3D pixel recreation constructed on packing containers. Any objects will be added or eliminated, and there are various totally different varieties of things to select from. As a result of Javascript’s boundaries are primarily restricted by integer values. The rendering distance is considerably restricted, and the world modifications because the participant explores new areas.

The world’s topography is produced by way of a pseudo-random perform. The core construction is much like that of Minecraft, with chunks –16 x 16 infinite nodes– making up the world. For each bit, the pseudo-random perform produces a single top worth. All the things is full of nodes beneath the peak worth and people objects above the peak values are left empty. 

In distinction to the Minecraft-looking video games, The world renderer makes use of a 2D Perlin-noise generator slightly than a 3D one. Moreover, there aren’t any opponents, mobs, timber, ore, or underground passages. The options must be restricted as a result of the renderer consumes all of the processing assets.


A easy painter’s algorithm is used for rendering; every little thing is drawn from again to entrance, Prioritizing nodes which are near the digital camera over these which are additional away. The engine employs very primary 3D Rendering strategies as a result of canvas can not carry out 3D rendering. There have been some optimization approaches used, akin to back-face culling, occlusion culling, and frustum culling. Octrees aren’t effectively suited to this engine that’s why chunks are getting used. 

Since textures aren’t supported by canvas, an affine texture mapping method is employed to implement textures from scratch. A simple renderer that makes use of easy shade can also be obtainable as a result of rendering with the textures makes the sport noticeably slower. Because the texture placement is similar to that of Minecraft, any not too long ago launched Minecraft texture pack can be utilized with this recreation.

Video games Developed utilizing Dice Engine

The video games developed utilizing the Dice Engine are:



The primary recreation that received every little thing began was Dice. Despite the fact that Dice 2 has nearly utterly overdone it, the Dice stands by itself. It has 100 maps and all of them aren’t present in Dice 2, and it has a wide range of single-player and multiplayer gameplay.

Dice can also be extra compact in each method, together with obtain measurement, {hardware} wants (stills works effectively with outdated {hardware}), and supply code measurement.


Most likely the most effective Dice mod ever made is AssaultCube. It has brand-new content material and is playable alone. With extra practical environment and weapons than Dice. The gameplay presents a extra practical gaming expertise. There are quite a few recreation modes obtainable, together with Seize the Flag.


AssaultCube is a faster-paced recreation than Counter strike however slower-paced than Quake in comparison to one another. The actions bug that enables gamers to maneuver sideways whereas holding their consideration on the attacker continues to be current in AssaultCube as a result of the builders thought that this was a enjoyable facet of Dice, just like the bunny hopping bug in Quake, in order that they selected to not modify it.

Dice 2: Sauerbraten

Cube 2 - Sauerbraten

The sport has a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode, each of which incorporates an in-game degree editor and assist LAN, native and web play. The sport is open-source, free software program. The objective of this recreation is to not present essentially the most options and finest graphics attainable, however slightly to allow in-game map customization whereas sustaining a compact and stylish engine supply code.

The Dice 2: Sauerbraten was a redesigned model of the Dice. the Engine was created utilizing OpenGL and C++. The sport makes use of a brand new 6-directional heightfield (or octree) surroundings mannequin, though most of its primary rules and objectives are carried over from its predecessor. The sport presents a wide range of recreation modes, together with deathmatch and seize the flag.



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